How The Institut Français of Athens- Greece moved for AEC Course Management Software.

The Institut Français of Athens was founded early 1907. Since then it has become one of the elder and more active institutes of the network thanks to a strong and ancient French-greek friendship.In addition to the main site in Athens,  The IF boasts 3 other centers located in Larissa, Patras and Thessalonica.

The so-called IFG ideally bridges with France and offers in  Greece a unique School of rich French Language and culture.

French cooperation Policy combined with cultural activities is based around 3 main topics:

  • Yearly French Language competition, on every March 21st From everywhere In Greece, 7,000 French speaking people from more than 450 schools are expected to participate in the competition.
  • Learning French as a foreign Language, with all level courses, for all ages, with classes such as general French, professional training, remote courses, individual sessions, and even courses to prepare a journey to France, and university partnership for co-jointed French-Greek masters.

The Institut français of  Greece is also missioned to promote cooperation with Greek organizations and enterprises.

ATL Software and L’Institut Français of Athens 

Recently the Institut Français of Athens has decided for changing its software for courses management. What a difficult challenge!

The change was obvious as the existing tool did not match anymore technology evolutions, users’ requests for new usages such as the Internet or smartphone access, or changes in regulations.

Software change requires to clearly understand the features brought by the new system, to be ready for change management applied to external and internal users, not to mention to keep guaranteeing service continuity with data recovery from the former solution.

Our ATL software Trainer made sure this transition project was successful and trained users within the IFG to guarantee a soft migration to AEC.

To what is related to the implementation process, data were first migrated so to allow real working conditions. Then after only, users were trained to features.

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