AEC Academia

AEC is a high-performance software solution for educational center management, administration, and marketing. A user-friendly interface shared with your team, to optimize your business management.


Manage courses and enrollments more quickly

Increase the productivity of your organization with tools that optimize all the processes related to the enrollment and management of courses.

  • Change and reservation of courses, partial registrations, refunds.

  • Rate variations, scholarship management and automatic promotions in Kiosque

  • Planning of all types of courses: group, private, corporate, laboratory, online.

  • Attendance and lateness, pedagogical follow-up and evaluations (by grade or skills) visible by the student from their personal space.

  • Enrollment statistics and graphic reports: enrollment evolution, membership expiration, students who did not re-enroll, enrollment reasons, etc.


Management of teachers in an optimal way

Below is shown how teachers use AEC to greatly automate their processes in academies.

  • Activity reports, availability calendar, classroom reservation and teacher replacement.

  • Management of teacher availability for the courses' organization.

  • Specific teacher access to see their courses, fill in attendances, grades, assessments and enter the pedagogical follow-up.

  • Salary module, payroll according to the type of contract of the teacher.


Accounting system that increases the effectiveness of your organization

Have an intuitive system on hand to keep an organized accounting with the necessary functions for the proper management of your educational center.

  • Management of all types of billing and payments: direct, partial and installment payments, quotes, credits and refunds.

  • Customization of printing formats for accounting documents.

  • Detection of pending invoices and monitoring of all transactions.

  • Annual budget with monitoring by type of courses.

  • Accounting reports with statistics on the activity of the different types of services.

  • Exports in CSV, Excel, IIF and Importation of bank statements for account reconciliation.


Communication tools that will enhance your information

Take advantage of the communication module in which you can give a new face to your organization with personalization through attractive designs and adaptable templates.

  • Sending documents and information to students, prospects and companies from AEC.

  • Automated notification communications for students and parents.

  • Visual editor for email templates, statistics of sent emails and registration of newsletters.

  • Tracking of Google Analytics, Pixel Facebook, Google Tag Manager to connect your Kiosque.

  • Email Marketing, SMS sending and automated email campaigns (coming soon).


Management of all types of exams

  • Handling all types of examination options to export registrations and candidates for third-party programs (DELF Prog).

  • Management of hours worked for remuneration for Supervisors, Juries and Correctors.


Module to manage your events and cultural activities

  • Cultural agenda of your cultural activities connected with Kiosque.

  • Issuance of ticket for sale or upon reservation in Kiosque. Ticket office with ticket control app via QR code

  • Report statistics on assistance, center of interest and impact of social media campaigns. (Coming soon)

Add-ons… to go even further

logo-aec_couleur_b_rvb Connection to Moodle

Connect your LMS (Learning Management System) to AEC for online synchronisation of registered students and student groups. Your students benefit from educational content linked to courses in which they are registered.

logo-aec_couleur_b_rvb Connection to PMB

With this add-on, avoid double entry in your library software and create member ID cards and validity dates right from AEC

logo-aec_couleur_b_rvb Connection to accounting

Synchronise your accounting software with AEC (subject to compatibility)

"It involved a great deal of work...But it was really worth it! Statistics in just 3 clicks, clear, user-friendly indicator charts, simple and precise monitoring... AEC has quickly become an indispensable tool for AF on both the Taipei and Kaohsiung sites. Thank you ATL Software: your team was knowledgeable, responsive, available, and attentive. They' are always there when we need them and we really appreciate it."

Yann Bouclet

Why choose us ?

  • +10 years of experience
  • Easy configuration
  • Annual flat fee
  • Kiosque Add-ons
  • Data import/export
  • Live assistance
  • On-site or online training
  • Automatic backup
  • French, English, Spanish

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