AEC Academia

AEC is a high-performance software solution for educational center management, administration, and marketing. A user-friendly interface shared with your team, to optimize your business management.


Simplified accounting and management

AEC helps organize your accounting through precise monitoring of transactions by learning centre and by user: sales, payments, reimbursements, etc. It includes time-saving features such as quick drafting of overdue invoice emails. Using the "Business Management" module, you can monitor budget implementation in real time and publish progress reports with just one click.

  • Budget estimate

  • Monitor Transactions

  • Overdue invoices

  • Progress reports


Easier registration

AEC manages all aspects of student registration from A to Z: course enrollment, printing student ID cards, payment with receipts sent automatically, etc. To optimize your commercial offer, AEC goes further by providing solutions for managing scholarships, reduced prices and discounts, additional sales of products and books, wait list registration and much more.

  • Pricing system and automatic fee calculation

  • Configurable payment terms

  • Exam registration

  • Management by student, group, and company


Augmented learning

AEC is a very useful ally in managing your courses. Prepare your course offerings easily with cross-referencing of different schedules. Detailed monitoring allows for stress-free handling of unforeseen events. Teachers have reserved access for entering attendance, evaluations, and sharing educational content with learners. You may also offer private lessons.

  • Manage schedules

  • Monitor individual students

  • Share educational content

  • Enter marks, attendance

And much more...

Time management

Lesson planning

Room occupancy schedules and teacher availability

Hours management

Personalized monitoring and management

Replacement lesson management

Replacement lessons, room changes

Statistical reports

Create key figures, assessments and reports quickly

Automated tasks

Reminder, online renewal, and overdue notice e-mails

Data export

Export transactions to accounting software

Commercial and financial management

Monitor payment deadlines

With possibility of automatic alerts

Business activity control panel

Compare current activity and forecast activity or previous exercises

Monitoring and management by unit

Monitor transactions by point of sale, user, etc.

Company contract invoicing

Create and automatically send invoices with deadlines

Monitor student accounts

Personalised financial monitoring by student, group, or company

Financial reports

Create management and accounting reports

Tailor-made configuration

Configurable access rights

Each software action is authorised or not in accordance with user profile

Customisable interface

Users may choose language (French, English, Spanish) and adapt list display according to preferences

Data export

CSV, Excel and IIF (Quickbooks) data export. Customisable export for specific accounting software programs

Multi-site configuration

The same information is shared simultaneously between different

Tailored-made assessment rubrics

Possibility of personalised assessment rubrics

Tailored printing

Possibility of creating templates for personalised printing

Add-ons… to go even further

login-aec-appff-28 Connection to Moodle

Connect your LMS (Learning Management System) to AEC for online synchronisation of registered students and student groups. Your students benefit from educational content linked to courses in which they are registered.

login-aec-appff-28 Connection to PMB

With this add-on, avoid double entry in your library software and create member ID cards and validity dates right from AEC

login-aec-appff-28 Connection to accounting

Synchronise your accounting software with AEC (subject to compatibility)

"It involved a great deal of work...But it was really worth it! Statistics in just 3 clicks, clear, user-friendly indicator charts, simple and precise monitoring... AEC has quickly become an indispensable tool for AF on both the Taipei and Kaohsiung sites. Thank you ATL Software: your team was knowledgeable, responsive, available, and attentive. They' are always there when we need them and we really appreciate it."

Yann Bouclet

Why choose us ?

  • +10 years of experience
  • Easy configuration
  • Annual flat fee
  • Kiosque Add-ons
  • Data import/export
  • Live assistance
  • On-site or online training
  • Automatic backup
  • French, English, Spanish

Pricing tailored to your needs