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The ATL Software team answers your questions and provides assistance at any time by telephone or electronic messaging. In French, English, or Spanish.

Online use

ATL Software solutions are hosted on secure servers which are accessible directly online. ATL Software's partner data centers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia guarantee easy-to-use data storage. You are provided with your own space and access codes, according to contribution level, and you can start using all your features right away. For a customised configuration, ATL Software support can install a local server and provide assistance in the set-up process, until it is fully operable.

Data import and export

As soon as your software has been installed, ATL Software can import current data and make it accessible to all of your centres. Additionally, using the various interfaces provided you can transfer information from one system to another at any time: • Open Office, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF • Mailchimp, Sarbacane or SMS platform • CIEP DELF/DALF software • PMB and Décalog for your library • Payment gateway for Visa, MasterCard, PayPal • Your LMS or Moodle for online courses

Easy to learn

ATL Software is strongly committed to ensuring a positive user experience. Its interfaces are simple and user-friendly, so they are enjoyable to operate. An initial set-up assistant helps you configure and customise your software. Each user may use options to tailor the interface for his/her personal use. An online user's guide is accessible from the software at any time.


In addition to the initial set-up assistant, ATL Software instructors provide support for administrative and educational teams at learning centres equipped with our software: on-site or online training guides your teams through optimal use of the software. At ATL Software we believe helping you get started using our software and specific management features is an integral part of the solution we provide.

Support and advice

ATL Software's support team is available to explain features and advise you about optimal use. At any time, a dedicated support representative is just a click away, accessible from the application, or by Skype or e-mail. Just like your software interface, support is provided in French, English, or Spanish.