A training Session at the Institut Français d’Espagne (Spain)

A new training session was performed by ATL Software at the Institut Français d’Espagne (Spain), in a multi-centers context.

The French Institute in Madrid has been the key place of French Culture in the city since 1910, with a much rich and various offer for all ages: language study stays, courses, cultural events, media library…

One will find here everything needed to promote French-Spanish dialog.

The AEC software deployment aims at setting autonomous each IF Spain branch, responsible for its daily operations, and getting a global view of branches activity. The project is set to run according to many steps, after the opening of Madrid’s office in 2014. With regards to the results and benefits of this branch, a new institute is to be opened in Valencia in 2019, hopefully shortly  followed by Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla and Saragosse- Huesta’s.

Our trainer thus trained Valencia’s staff in November 2018 whilst users in Madrid attended an improvement workshop. All the necessary conditions are gathered to launch successfully AEC by Valencia.

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