Online payment providers compatible with AEC



These are our online payment providers that we have connected to the AEC payment platforms and the Kiosque online store in more than 40 countries:

Australia: RelayPay, Bambora, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Austria: Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Belgium: Ingenico, Stripe and PayPal

Brazil: PayPal and Wirecard

Canada: Quickbooks, Skip Jack, Bean Stream, Bambora, Stripe, PayPal and CardConnect

Chile: WebPay

Colombia: Place to Pay and Zona Pagos

Czech Republic: GPE, Stripe and PayPal

Denmark: Netaxept, Bambora, Stripe and PayPal

Dominican Republic: Cardnet Dominicana

Ecuador: Alignet

Estonia: Stripe and PayPal

Finland: Netaxept, Bambora, Stripe and PayPal

France: Sogecommerce, PayBox System, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Germany: Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Greece: NBG, Stripe and PayPal

Hong Kong: UPOP, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Hungary: PayPal

India: MiGS, Eazy Pay, BillDesk, Pay Dollar, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Indonesia: Wirecard

Ireland: Realex, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Israel: PayPal

Italy: AxeptaBNP, Stripe and PayPal

Japan: Stripe and PayPal

Latvia: Stripe and PayPal

Lithuania: Stripe and PayPal

Luxembourg: Stripe and PayPal

Malaysia: Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Mexico: Skip Jack, Prosa, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Morocco: WCC

Myanmar: Wirecard

Netherlands: Stripeand PayPal

New Zealand: Bambora, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Norway: Netaxept, Bambora and PayPal

Pakistan: Safepay

Panama: Credomatic and PayPal

Peru: Visanet Peru

Philippines: MiGS, Pay Dollar, PayPal and Wirecard

Poland: Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Portugal: Stripe and PayPal

Romania: Wirecard

Singapore: Pay Dollar, Stripe and Wirecard

Slovakia: Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

Slovenia: Stripe and PayPal

South Africa: Wirecard

South Korea: Inipay

Spain: RedSys Spain, Ceca Bank, Stripe and PayPal

Sweden: Netaxept, Bambora, Stripe and PayPal

Switzerland: Stripe and PayPal

Taiwan: NCCC, Pay Dollar and PayPal

Thailand: Kasikorn Bank, Pay Dollar, PayPal and Wirecard

Tunisia: ClicToPay

Turkey: Wirecard

United Arab Emirates: Network International, N-Genius, Etisalat and Wirecard

United Kingdom: Quickbooks, Realex, Stripe, PayPal and Wirecard

United States: Quickbooks, Authorize, USAe Pay, Payflow, Skip Jack, Bambora, Stripe, PayPal, Wirecard and CardConnect

Vietnam: One Pay, Pay Dollar and Wirecard


We can connect any other payment API to meet your needs. If your country is not on the list, it is important to know that we can also make the connection.