ATL Software takes Arc-en-Ciel to Grenoble

In its preoccupation for the management of courses and the modernization of administrative processes, the French Alliance of Grenoble has chosen to implement the use of the Arc-en-Ciel course management software. With this decision, they have taken a big step on the road to optimizing their administrative processes, such as student registration, course management for companies, billing service and inventory products, such as books and support material.

The French Alliance of Grenoble (AFG) is a private institution of higher education, a recognized training organization and, above all, an association under the Law of General Interest of 1901. Founded in 1967 and for more than half a century, the AFG has been spreading the French language and culture in Grenoble.

The AFG has based its action and reputation on the quality of its teaching and training, and since its inception has been constantly adapting its activity, taking into account contemporary realities, the rise of technologies and maintaining the core of its activities: Teaching of French, language of culture and exchange.

ATL Software has provided a training session for several days at the AFG, after implementing the Arc-en-Ciel administration software. Our in-house facilitator provided a 2-day training course on the use of Arc-en-Ciel (AEC) course management software. During this session, all the current management functions were reviewed, such as the management of the agenda and the follow-up of the courses, the registration, etc. The users enjoyed the advice and the exchange of knowledge. At the end of the training, users were ready to operate within the fully customized environment of Arc-en-Ciel, created for the Alliance Française de Grenoble.

Entrenamiento Arc-en-Ciel en Grenoble grenoble1 Entrenamiento Arc-en-Ciel en Grenoble 3

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